There Is No Information Theft Because Of Our Privacy Policy: Information theft is becoming more public with the progress of technology.  Online business is risky because this way you risk the whole thing when you give out your information to anyone outside of your friends’ circle. You cannot trust a stranger these days. This is the reason why we have made a strict privacy policy to safeguard your information. Before introducing it to you, we will tell you what kind of information we collect from you. We take:

  1. Your name
  2. Address on which the product will be delivered
  3. Credit card information   
  4. Contact information: phone number and e-mail address       
  5. Computer cookies
  • As you can see that there is absolutely no information that is taken without having a direct link to the process of business transactions, thus we say that we must collect all this data to deliver your products to you.
  • Your information is handled by the concerned party only and there is no one who is given access to your information that is not directly related to the task of helping you. We have no further use of the information than delivering your purchase safely to you and other than that, your address and the other information does not interest us.
  • The credit card information is handled by our bank sponsors. They are a trusted company which has much experience in this field and is also much trusted. It has gained a respectable name in the business market and thus we can confidently let them handle your valuable information.
  • The internet cookies are collected because it is necessary for us to note all the pages that our customers visited. This helps us in improving our service and catering to your needs in a better way. Without them, our pages will be monotonous and we may lose our customers.